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Aussie Gardener Library

Aussie Gardener Library

Free Veggie Growing Classes - Learn how to grow your own veggies

 Have you always wanted to grow your own fresh veggies at home?

Join Brian and Kaylene in their FREE series of episodes that cover

  1. Growing from seed and planning out your patch
  2. Building your veggie garden 
  3. How to control pests and diseases organically
  4. Soil Health and how to produce rich healthy compost that doesnt smell
  5. Planting out seedlings in your beds and caring for them.
  6. Rotating your beds through the nitrogen cycle

Plus bonus episodes that target specific vegetables giving you the tricks like how to grow straight carrots... how to successfully grow cabbages without sprays. 

Watch the first episode here and if you would like to watch the rest of the series, signup at HERE
Its totally free and over 40,000 Aussie Families are joining in the home grown revolution with Brian and Kaylene. 

Below are the starter packs for growing Veggies at home

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