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Kaylenes favourite fragrant plant in the garden

Kaylenes favourite fragrant plant in the garden

Do you have a flower in your garden that smells divine?

For many it will be an old style rose that not only looks stunning but also smells wonderful.

But there are several plants that you could easily walk straight past because their flowers are insignificant but the scent they give leaves you searching for where it is coming from.

The master of this disguise is Osmanthus fragrans.

Wonderful sweet apricot smells.

Its a slow grower but once it gets its roots established, forms a nice dense shrub that would also make a great hedge. Grows in full sun and requires very little water.

HIghly recommended to have a least one of these in the garden somewhere you will walk past as it is sure to make you stop and smile. It is one of those plants that you will drag a friend over to smell!

Take note there are a couple of varieties of Osmathus, each with a unique scent, but the one we love most is Osmanthus fragrans.

Brian and Kaylene :-)

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