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Aussie Gardener Library

Aussie Gardener Library

Thousands of flowers with no effort required?


Originally from Mexico this sunloving daisy is a groundcover that also thrives in Australia. Producing thousands of flowers it can be grown as a thick ground cover in full sun, or can also be grown a little more sparsely in part shade spots in between other plants. Perfect for trailing along a picket fence!

The Botanical name is Erigeron karvinskianus but most commonly known as 'Seaside Daisy' 

There is a few new varieties available now that grow in a more compact way. The original one shown in the video spreads to a couple of metres wide if left. But you can always trim it back with the hedge trimmer as Kaylene does.

Requires very little watering and copes with pretty poor clay soil too.

To keep it super healthy, use a fertiliser from the Aussie Gardener store. It will love any that say 'flowering or fruiting'


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