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Now is the time to plant potatoes in temperate zones (eg Sydney) Click to get Potato Bags
Time to plant potatoes - Get your potato bags HERE

Aussie Gardener Potato Planter Bags - the easy way to grow potatoes at home

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Size: Large Single (550mmx400mm)
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If you live in Sydney or other temperate areas, now is the time to start planting potatoes.  Cool Zones (mountainous areas) wait until mid August

It's very rewarding growing spuds.

Traditionally they are growing in ground and you have to keep piling the soil up to cover the spuds to stop them going green. You also had to wait until the plant had fully died back before you could harvest any.

Some bright spark came up with this clever idea which allows you to grow spuds in small spaces and access the potatoes through the side flap without having to remove the whole plant. Brilliant!

New Features

  • On the large bag due to its width we noticed it was a little hard to reach in to get the potatoes on the far side via the flap, so we added another flap on the other side.  Easy now. 
  • The earlier version had a beige biodegradeable liner which looked nice but didn't really serve any purpose and looked a bit rough as it broke down in sunlight. We have removed it and instead made the Geotech felt thicker. Geotech felt is designed to last for many years outdoors. 

Note: We have changed the colour of the bags to dark grey for this new batch as some people werent keen on the orange. 

How to Grow Spuds
1. Fill with potting mix to 1/3rd of bag only 

2. Plant seed potatoes (see below) or ones from your cupboard that have started shooting. Bury beneath the soil

3. Water and wait till the plants plants reach about 12cm tall, then add more potting mix till only the top 2 leaves are showing. Wait for them to grow another 12cm (Approximately) and fill with 10cm of soil. Repeat the 'wait and fill' till you reach the top of the bag. 

4. The leaves will continue to grow above that level, but more importantly the spuds will grow in the soil underneath along the stems you buried and you can access them through the side flap. Easy! 

As with all Aussie Gardener Products, we have designed this to last really well. 
- The Felt fabric and stitching is all UV stable and designed for outdoor use. 

- Double Stitching along all seams ensure these are built tough

- Velcro style flap for easy access

-Water freely drains through geotech felt without any soil leaking out. (Good for balconies)

-Strong Handles so if you need to move them you can. Spuds like sunlight. 

- We promise you wont be disappointed with the quality. These are beautifully made to last. 

Looking for seed potatoes and interesting varieties to try?

Agronico supply potato farmers so you know they are going to be top quality stock. One of the tricks they use is to keep them stored in a very advanced cool store so that their seed potatoes can be available nearly all year. (usually you can only get them in Sept-Oct) 
Agronico Seed Potatoes for home gardeners


Frequently Asked Questions about growing in the Potato Planter Bags

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