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A favourite with gardeners because you can dig the ground from a standing position. 600mm (24inches) long, you can comfortably stand up and drill into your soil with very little effort required. You wont even hesitate the next time you need to plant something when this tool makes it so easy.

(It is best to own a range of Power Planter sizes though as the 324h is too long when you are on your knees digging.)

  • 60cm (24inch) long and 7.5cm (3inch) wide 
  • Solid Steel Shaft - Guaranteed not to bend of twist out of shape.
  • Good for cultivating whole garden beds. 
  • Fits any 18V cordless drill with a  13mm chuck size.  Very Common.
    (Note: Bosch Green only have 10mm chuck so can not fit this size Power Planter. Stick to the 207, 307 and 312 which are 10mm)
  • Australian Family Business located in Sydney
  • Power Planters are a patented design hand made in the USA
  • 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee
  • Complete training video provided with every Power Planter 
  • Safely used by customers into their 80s when following the instructions in the training video
  • Doesn't require brute strength to operate. 

Also great for:

  • Drilling a tunnel under a path. 
  • Mixing a barrow load of concrete. 
  • Deep Watering/Fertilising holes for trees. 
  • Aerating a Compost Heap. 

N.B. The price does not include the Dewalt Drill shown in the demonstration images. This Power Planter can fit onto any standard Australian 18v cordless drills with a  13mm chuck size. (eg. Dewalt, Ryobi, AEG, Makita, Black and Decker, Hitachi, etc ) 

Frequently Asked Questions about the 324h Power Planter

Why type of drill do I need?

Power Planters are designed to fit into 18v cordless drills. Very common and includes all the major brands. Dewalt, Ryobi, AEG, Milwaukee and others.
This model of Power Planter has a 13mm hex end so will fit on cordless drills 13mm chuck.  (that’s the part of the drill where you attach the Power Planter)

Please note that 90% of cordless drills have a 13mm chuck. The main exception is Bosch green brand which is 10mm and will not fit this size Power Planter. Instead choose the smaller models if you have Bosch and don’t plan to upgrade your drill (207, 307, 312 are all 10mm)

Ideally your cordless drill will have a side handle as this makes it more balanced to operate. Many customers use Power Planters on drills that don't have a side handle though. It is really important to watch the training video to learn how to do that safely. 

Can I use a 240v corded drill?

No, please don't use a 240v drill. They spin too fast and tend to overheat. They also offer NO protection for your wrists.
To understand why this is important, please watch this training video about the Power Planters. 

Where are they made?

Power Planters are hand made in  Loda, Illinois USA Originally founded by Wayne Niewold who is now 90+ years old. A family business which is run by his grandson - Greg who we love dealing with.
Consistently great quality products that do what it says on the box.
P.s. if you see other Power Planter lookalikes, they are made in China with low quality steel. They don’t tend to last well, aren’t balanced and wobble in the drill and customers have reported them snapping so take care particularly when it is on a spinning drill. 

I have heard you can hurt your wrists using these?

Yes you can certainly injure yourself using a power tool, if you don’t follow the instructions provided.
With every Power Planter we provide a super clear training video that shows how to use it safely and effectively even if you have never used a cordless drill before. There are also printed directions included inside every Power Planter box.
If you are worried about injuring yourself. Don’t be.
We have customers all the way into their 80s digging with Power Planters and loving it.
If you would like to watch the instruction video ahead of time, here is the LINK

What happens if it doesn’t work for me?

Please do contact us so that we can help. Usually it comes down to a few adjustments in drill settings and digging technique. Having helped many thousands of people over the past 5 years we can quickly diagnose the issue and provide a solution.  There are 80,000+ Aussies digging with Power Planters all over Australia so there is no reason why it can’t work well at your place too, (providing you aren’t trying to dig a hole in actual concrete)
If you want to self diagnose, watch this training video as it solves 95% of issues.

The Power Planters are only quite narrow. What if I need a bigger hole?

Think of the Power Planter as a soil cultivator rather than a hole drill. Start by drilling a cluster of holes in the space you need and then with it spinning move sideways between them to break up all the bridging soil. It will be left soft enough that you can scoop it out with your hands. 

I'm not sure whether to get the 312 or the longer 324 model?

If you are only getting one Power Planter, get the 312 model as it’s a great one to start with. Many customers end up coming back and purchasing the other sizes later once they experience how much easier life is with the Power Planters in their kit. Certainly the long 324h model is good for deep digging and standing up digging. If you are unable to get down on your knees, get the longer 324h model. 

How should I store my Power Planter

On a shelf in your garden shed will be just fine. If you want to protect it from surface rusting, spray it over with WD40 after use. 

How long is my Power Planter going to last?

This will depend on what you are digging. It is made of steel but will still wear down over time.
We do have customers still using the same Power Planters to dig their gardens that they bought when we first opened 5 years ago.
We do also have customers who have heavily used their Power Planter in abrasive ground and worn it out in under a year. This is a lot less common though. Generally we recommend getting one of the professional models with the hardened steel tip if you know you are digging very abrasive ground.
Either way you will have gotten through a lot of digging much faster and easier than doing the same thing with manual tools. 





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