Aussie Gardener 72 Cell Seedling Propagator

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The cheapest way to grow your own veggies is from seed, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky caring for the newly sprouting seeds when outside. 
Thats where this mini hot house does all the caring for your 72 seeds that are sprouting. 

  • A low cost way to successfully sprout seeds ready to transplant into the veggie patch
  • Has opening air vents to control the humidity and keep the plants happy
  • Comes apart for easy cleaning. 
  • Can be used over and over.
  • There is 12 rows of 6 cells. Plant 12 different seeds and have 6 plants of each 

Check out the Aussie Gardener Tutorial videos on how to grow from seed using this propagator.

New Model: We got this propagator redesigned so all the pieces fit together well. Also made the plastic thicker so that it will last well. With a bit of care you will be able to use these for several years.  

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