Dick Wildon Daffodil - A beautiful double daffodil that is easy to grow.

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 Due to pre existing Quarantine laws we cannot send any bulbs to Western Australia and Tasmania. You may need to find bulb suppliers in your areas. Sorry we cant help you. 

What an impressive looking Daffodill. Bright golden yello with lovely double flowers. Fantastic as cut flowers to bring in your home in Spring.  These ones flower early in the season and you will be very happy you planted them. 

Give them plenty of sun and well drained soil and 'she'll be right'!  We chose the best varieties for our Australian conditions so you are guaranteed success.

Remember to plant Daffodil bulbs about three times as deep as the height of the bulb. So if the Bulb is about 7cm long, you would plant it 20cm deep. The extra depth will keep them cooler when they are dormant during summer. It also provides extra strength for the stem. We space our Daffodils about 10-20cm apart as they will multiply over time. Imagine that.. they keep having babies! 

Once the flowering has finished, you can cut off the flower stem, but its super important to allow the foliage to remain until it has totally died back, if you want them to flower next year. You see, the Daffodil leaves are taking in nutrients and storing it in the bulb for next year’s blooms.

Once you see them sprouting above ground you should start watering and feeding with some complete liquid fertiliser like Thrive. If you are going to use other fertilisers be sure that they have Potash and not just nitrogen, otherwise you will get lots of leave but minimal flowers. 

Don't skimp on numbers with this one, as it will look very sparse. This is why we are selling them in bulk, at such great prices, so that you will have an amazing display come Spring! So go for broke! 


Botantical name

Narcissus pseudonarcissus






Early season


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Full Sun to Light Shade

Growing Conditions Detailed

Botanical grouping: Narcissus
Family: Amaryllidaceae 
Planting timeLate Summer to Autumn 
Height: 30-40cm tall.
Depth & spacing:12-15cm apart. 15-20cm deep

Full-sun to part-shade.

They arent too fussy. Ideally it has good drainage. 

Start watering when growth appears and keep soil only slightly moist until foliage has totally shrivelled back to ground level. When they are in the dormant state underground, back off on the watering otherwise they will tend to rot.  

Top dress with a complete fertiliser each Autumn. Eg: Blood & Bone. or a complete liquid fertiliser every two weeks when they are showing above ground. 

Flowering time
This one is early so it comes out in late Winter

After flowering care
Leave them in the ground and they will gradually multiply. After about 3-5 years you could dig them up and separate the bulbs and plant half of them somewhere else. 

Subtropical to cool.
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