The Dream Combination - All 4 Power Planters + the Dewalt 996 drill complete kit.

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The Dream Combination is the full set of Power Planters plus the Top of the Range Dewalt Drill that we use in all the Power Planter videos. 

We have sold more than 1000 of this drill and customers call us up so excited with how well it works and there is 5 star glowing reviews all round. 
The difference it makes attaching the Power Planters to the right drill for the job is huge. Having a drill with plenty of digging power, well balanced, and with a side handle makes digging so much easier.
Like everything we sell, it is built to last, not fall apart. You will still be using this drill in 10 years time so at roughly $1 a week you really get your moneys worth. 

This is the kit that has it ALL.

You get ALL 4 POWER PLANTERS which means you can pick the right size for each job.. and even give one away to a friend if you like. 

  • Aerating compost bins
  • Breaking through hard compacted ground
  • Digging irrigation and drainage trenches
  • Post holes for a deck
  • Mixing a barrow load of concrete
  • Aerating dense patches in your lawn
  • Drilling deep watering holes for trees in Summer
  • Tunneling under a path


12 x pairs of our Machine Washable Garden Gloves - Enough for a year of gardening! You will never be short a pair of decent gloves. Nitrile coated gives you grip when using the Power Planter, but protects your hands and keeps them clean. Breathable fabric back, also great for wiping the sweat off your brow. The reviews on these are excellent.

 Heres what you get

  • 207 Power Planter                   $  45.00
  • 307 Power Planter                   $  55.00
  • 312 Power Planter                   $  69.00
  • 324 H Power Planter                 $105.00
  • 12 Pr Power Planter Gloves       $71.88
  • Dewalt 996 complete kit          $599.00 

       >>>Total Value $944.88<<<

Package Price is $729.00  Save $195.88

  • 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee
  • Complete training video provided with every Power Planter 
  • Safely used by customers into their 80s when following the instructions in the training video
  • Doesn't require brute strength to operate. 

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