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    Soft Tie Wire 5M

    $5.99 $2.99
    Twist tie rubber coated wire which is strong to use but gentle on plants. Cut off a 15cm piece and use it to train plants onto stakes and other supports. At the...

    Welcome Seed Pack - For new customers at Aussie Gardener

    $16.48 $2.99
    Here is a super deal to get you started with Aussie Gardener.  Includes Pack of 50 plant labels and pencil - These are UV resistant so will last well outdoors Seed...

    Apron Neck Saving Strap
    (This is included with current apron design)

    It doesn't look like much, but this simple addition takes away that heavy feeling on your neck when wearing the apron for long periods. It actually works incredibly well. We use...

    Aussie Gardener Seed Dispensor - Adjusts for different size seeds

    $5.99 $3.99
    When you are sowing seeds, a lot of them are very small and you end up sowing way more than you need to which means a lot of seed is...

    Washable Garden Gloves

    $5.99 $4.99
    Snug stretchable fit so you can feel the details and still be gentle with plants. Nitrile coated fingertips to give you good grip on your drill and Power Planter Breathable...

    Aussie Gardener Bottle Top Sprinkler Pack Of 3

    $5.99 $4.99
    A clever and simple idea. Reuse your softdrink bottles by replacing the lid with one of these sprinklers. Perfect for providing a soft steam of water for seedlings without disturbing the...

    Welcome Bulb Pack - For new customers at Aussie Gardener

    $17.48 $4.99
    Here is a super deal to get you started with Aussie Gardener.  Includes 3 pack of Autumn Crocus Bulbs - Great bulb that grows all over Australia. Often flowers straight after rain. ...

    Amgrow All Purpose - Granular Fertiliser 500g

    $6.17 $5.61
    This balanced fertiliser with added organics will supply plants with both quick and slow release fertiliser.  Easy to apply - just add one teaspoon per pot plant.. or 6 teaspoons...

    Aussie Gardener Plastic Plant Labels + Pencil 50pcs / Pack

    $7.99 $5.99
    Narrow plastic push in labels are ideal for keeping track of what seed you have sown. UV stable so they will last well outdoors and can be reused, over and over. ...

    Fruit Protection Bags (Pack OF 10)

    Fine woven mesh bag with drawstring for placing over individual fruit or clusters to protect from insects including fruit fly, possums, birds and sunburn. These bags are made from insect netting,...

    Aussie Gardener Soil Scoop

    $9.99 $5.99
    A great one to have on your potting bench to scoop up potting mix, compost and fertilisers and minimise spillage. This Soil Scoop is made of UV stable plastic so that...


    $6.73 $6.12
    Want to have a go at grafting?You'll be needing a role of this Grafting Tape to wrap the join. This is a Translucent PVC Tape, with high elasticiy and excellent memory....

    Aussie Gardener Veggie Sowing Planner - Australian Edition

    The most requested product we have is the Crop Rotation -  Veggie Sowing Planner.Instead of trying to figure it out yourself, this 1 page guide gives you all the information...

    ROOTEX Propagation Rooting GEL 50ml

    $8.05 $7.32
    The secret to getting cuttings to take root is to use this Gel.Very simple, dip the end of the cutting in the gel and insert into the hole in your...

    Fruit Protection Sleeve - 30cm x 90 cm (5 pack)

    Perfect for protecting fruit all the way along the branch rather than having an individual bag on each fruit.Made from fine mesh, they will stop fruit fly, possums, birds and...

    Slug and Snail Trap - No poisons - Snail dies happy!

    $8.52 $7.74
      I know a few humans who'd be happy going out like this.Partially bury the Snail trap in your veggie bed, take the lid off and pour in some beer....
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