This Snake Chaser is Battery Operated and MUCH more powerful than the silly solar powered ones which dont work.
It creates random vibrations at the botton of the burried tube. 
You do need to install in on an angle, not straight up and down. There is clear instructions on the pack. 

Snakes see these vibrations as a threat and move away from the source. The vibrations travel about 20-30m through the ground.

We are prepared to guarantee these units to work. If you find you are still getting snakes once you  have installed in correctly and have active batteries in it, we will happily give your money back.
But I dont think you will be because these ones actually work.

How long do batteries last?
If you use good quality NEW batteries (Duracell or Energiser) they should last around 12 months. Just replace them at the end of winter each year would be wise. 

How big an area does it cover?
Unobstructed 300m2... but if you have a house in the middle of it, you may need to do one on each side. 

Whats the difference between this and the solar ones?
This was the original concept and it worked. It has strong random vibrations. Then the solar ones came on the market talking up the convenience of no batteries to change... but not mentioning that the vibrations were much weaker. 
This one works, the solar ones are very hit and miss. 

Can I get my money back if it doesnt work?
Yes as long as you have installed it on the angle like it shows in the instructions and you have good new batteries as mentioned above. 
You have 30 days to notify us from date of purchase if you need a refund. 
I dont think we have had a single refund requested though.
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