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Your area has a mild climate, with low winter rainfall but reliable summer rainfall along with high humidity from November to March. Frosts are rare and the average annual lowest temperature is around 10 degrees. You have warm, humid, wet summers with average maximum temperate less than 30 degrees. 

Areas include

  • Eastern Coastline from Coff's Harbour in Northern NSW, Brisbane and north to Mackay. 

In WA it is roughly the coastline north of Exmouth to Broome and inland to Halls Creek. 


This is the TOP 5 Bulbs that are perfect for YOUR climate zone so you know they will grow!

NOTE: A lot of bulbs won't successfully grown in your zone which may explain why you may have had poor results in the past. But these 5 are the  tried and tested varieties that will produce a great result for your Sub Tropical Climate so give them a go! 

Follow our easy directions and you will have an absolutely stunning display this Spring.

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