French Tulips Mixed

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 Due to pre existing Quarantine laws we cannot send any bulbs to Western Australia and Tasmania. You may need to find bulb suppliers in your areas. Sorry we cant help you. 

A stunning hand select mix of the best French Tulips we have. They are strikingly tall and a true standout in the garden. Sometimes up  to a metre tall! 

French Tulips are vigorous growers and even grow well in warmer climates which is rare for a tulip. Also great for cooler zones as well. 

The elegance of the Tulip family simply can not be overlooked! Beautiful blooms carried on strong stems appear in early spring and last for a number of weeks. 

Tulips need a full sun position, but can tolerate some dappled light. Prepare your beds to a depth of 20cm, making sure the soil is light and fluffy. Plant the bulbs with the 'fat' end down at a depth of 6cm. Allow 10cm between each bulb, however a less full result can be achieved if you choose to plant further apart. 

If growing your Tulips in a pot, select a high quality potting mix that is free draining. Some gravel in the base of the pot will assist with any drainage issues. Ensure the bulb is well fed and watered right up until dormancy.

Tulips DO NOT require refrigeration in cooler areas, and are happy to naturalise in the ground for many years. Feed your bulbs as they come into bloom, and make sure you leave the foliage to fully die down - this feeds and grows NEXT years flower. 

Happy Gardening!


 If you are growing them in a warmer zone, you can either treat them as annuals and allow the bulbs to stay and gradually rot into the ground. Or you could dig them up once the foliage has fully died back and store them in a cool dark cupboard and then put them in the fridge crisper at the start of March ready to plant them from Mothers Day onwards. This gives them the chilling they need to produce flowers again next year. 

Botantical name

Tulipa hybrida








Cool to Sub-Tropical


Full Sun to Light Shade

Growing Conditions Detailed

Planting time: Dont be in a rush to plant Tulips. They like the soil to have cooled down a fair bit after summer. We dont plant ours till the end of May and into June. 

Full sun to only light shade. But in warmer climates, Tulips do  like a cool, part shaded spot.

Well drained & crumbly although will often grow well for one year in heavier soils if you are looking for a one off displa

Start watering when growth appears above ground and keep soil slightly moist until foliage dies off after flowering. Once the bulb has disappeared below ground it is in its dormant state and doesn't need much water then. Over-watering will cause them to rot so you don't want that. 

Use a  complete liquid fertiliser like Thrive once you see it sprouting above ground and continue to give it a feed every 2 weeks till the foliage has completely died off. 
Alternatively you can apply a granular bulb fertiliser when you see them sprouting above ground. Be sure to water it in. 

Flowering time
Early to mid Spring.

After flowering care
If you are in a cold area with frosts you can leave the Tulips in the ground till next year. But if your area is a bit wamer, you can going to need to dig the bulbs up once they have totally died back. Brush off all the dirt and remove the shivelled stems and store them in a dark dry cupboard. 
As you approach Autumn next year, transfer them to the fridge crisper for 6-8 weeks so that they get their chill treatment which will trigger them to flower again when you plant them. 


The bulbs need to be stored in a cool, airy and dry spot. Old stockings can be used to hold your bulbs in their dormant state.

Tulip bulbs can be grown in warmer areas. 

But it does require a little extra TLC. 
As mentioned above, stick them in the fridge crisper for 8 weeks before its time to plant them around Mothers Day. So set yourself a note in the calendar to do this at the start of March
Plant them in a cooler part of the garden perhaps on the South Side of your house with light shade. This is only for growing in warm areas. 

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