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    Netting - 2MM Woven Veggie Net 6MX6M

    $52.50 $49.50
    This is commercial grade outdoor insect netting to stop all the bugs, fruit fly, cabbage moths from getting to your precious veggies.Since using this in our veggie patch, the plants...

    Netting - Fitted insect net 2.8m Cube 2MM Woven Insect Net

    $62.50 $59.00
    Growing Stone fruit, apples and citrus without chemicals is easy when you use these Tree nets. They are sewn to be a cube shape to totally enclose the tree and...

    PestFree Parts: Black Clips 22mm to hold netting onto 20mm Pipe

    These are the same clips we use in the PestFree Covers and are designed to clip netting onto 20mm pipe (known as DN15)UV Stable for extended life outdoors. They can also...

    PestFree Parts: Black PVC 3 way elbow DN15

    $4.00 $3.70
    These are the same fittings we use in the Pestfree Cover Kits. To make a cube shape you will need 8 x 3 way elbows UV Stable for many years of...

    PestFree Parts: Black PVC coupling (Joiner)

    $2.50 $2.00
    A coupling is a simple pipe joiner that allows for lengthening pipes in the pest free frames. The Pest Free Maxi has components to make a 1m wide and deep frame.  If your...

    PestFree Parts: Black PVC 4 way extension elbow

    $4.50 $4.00
    A 4 way elbow allows for extending pestfree frames taller or wider whilst still maintaining the rigidity of the structure. Ideal if you have a bed that is slightly wider than...
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