Potato Planter Bags - The easy way to grow potatoes at home

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It's very rewarding growing spuds.Traditionally they are growing in ground and you have to keep piling the soil up to cover the spuds to stop them going green. You also...

It's very rewarding growing spuds.

Traditionally they are growing in ground and you have to keep piling the soil up to cover the spuds to stop them going green. You also had to wait until the plant had fully died back before you could harvest any.

Some bright spark came up with this clever idea which allows you to grow spuds in small spaces and access the potatoes through the side flap without having to remove the whole plant. Brilliant!

How to Grow Spuds
1. Fill soil level to 1/3rd of bag only 

2. Plant seed potatoes (from nurseries) or ones from your cupboard that have started shooting

3. Water and wait till the plants leaves reach the top of the bag. Then (strange as it feels) pour soil into the bag filling it to 5cm from the top so only the top couple of leaves are still showing and water

4. The leaves will continue to grow above that level, but more importantly the spuds will grow in the soil underneath and you can access them through the side flap. Easy! 

As with all Aussie Gardener Products, we have designed this to last really well. 
- The Felt fabric and stitching is all UV stable and designed for outdoor use. 

- Double Stitching along all seams ensure these are built tough

- Velcro style flap for easy access

-Stainless steel drainage eyelets with filters so they soil wont leak out (great for balconies)

-Strong Handles so if you need to move them you can. Spuds like sunlight. 

- We promise you wont be disappointed with the quality. These are beautifully made to last. 

Frequently Asked Questions about these bags

- how many bags do I need for one person/two people? Id suggest having at least 2 bags setup. More would be better. If you end up with lots of spuds, you can always share them.

- is it only one use as it’s felt or can it be used for multiple crops - Definitely not single use. We purposefully have designed this to be used for several years and not add to landfill
- how much do each of the bags weigh when full with soil? At a guess. the large one would weigh roughly 12kg when full of soil, the smaller one about 8kg. 2 people could easily lift them. 

- what soil do I use in it? Potting mix or garden soil, with added manure. Potatoes being a root crop dont need too much soil when they are forming the potatoes, but initially to get the plant to shoot up with leaves, adding fertiliser will certainly help.
This one would be perfect 
- how many potato seeds do I put in it? The small one plant 2 seed potatoes (doesnt even need to be a whole potato. Just a section of it that has an eye growing)
Large bag plant 3-4 max

- do you sell the seeds and soil too so I can buy whole bundle from you? Not at this stage. Maybe in the future. You can get specialised seed potatoes at local nurseries or otherwise use the ones in your cupboard that have started to shoot. It is important that the potatoes are shooting before you plant them or they may just rot and not grow.

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