Triumph Tulips Mixed Colours

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 Due to pre existing Quarantine laws we cannot send any bulbs to Western Australia and Tasmania. You may need to find bulb suppliers in your areas. Sorry we cant help you. 

Breathtakingly Beautiful they are the ultimate showpiece in the garden. This is a handpicked collection of the absolute favourites this season. 

Save your Tulips and plant them after Mother`s Day up until Queens Birthday in mid June.  That way the soil temperature will have cooled down and the bulbs will be much happier in their new soil home. 

You may have heard that Tulip Bulbs needs to be chilled (stored in the fridge crisper) All our bulbs are grown in cold enough conditions already so they are ready to plant straight in the ground. 

Be sure to give them the best start by preparing your soil with lots  of organic matter. That means well broken down compost and manure and mix it through the soil before planting. 

Remember to plant them about 15cm or even 20cm deep with the pointy end up. They do need good sunshine to flower well, so avoid putting them in a shady spot. 
You can plant them about 10-20cm apart but if you want a really impressive display like you see at Floriade and other garden shows, you should plant them closer together. 

Remember when they have finished flowering, dont make the mistake of cutting them back. Unlike other plants, bulbs need this time to feed the bulb ready for next years flowers. So let the foliage completely die off before you remove it.
Once you first start seeing it sprouting above the ground is the time to start fertilising with a complete liquid fertiliser (like Thrive) or granules. 
No need to fertilise them when they are dormant underground. 

Botanical name

Tulipa hybrida






Mid season


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Full Sun to part Shade



Growing Conditions

Planting time

Late Autumn. 

Height: 30-50cm 

Depth & spacing
Plant 15cm deep and 10-15cm apart. 

Full sun to very light shade. In warmer climates, Tulips like a cool, part shaded spot.

Well drained & crumbly although will often grow well for one year in heavier soils if you are looking for a one off display.

Start watering when growth appears above ground and keep soil slightly moist until foliage dies off after flowering. Once the bulb has disappeared below ground it is in its dormant state and doesn't need much water then. Over-watering will cause them to rot so you don't want that. 

Use a  complete liquid fertiliser like Thrive once you see it sprouting above ground and continue to give it a feed every 2 weeks till the foliage has completely died off. 
Alternatively you can apply a granular bulb fertiliser when you see them sprouting above ground. Be sure to water it in. 

Flowering time
Early to mid Spring.

After flowering care
If you are in a cold area with frosts you can leave the Tulips in the ground till next year. But if your area is a bit wamer, you can going to need to dig the bulbs up once they have totally died back. Brush off all the dirt and remove the shivelled stems and store them in a dark dry cupboard. 
As you approach Autumn next year, transfer them to the fridge crisper for 6-8 weeks so that they get their chill treatment which will trigger them to flower again when you plant them. 


The bulbs need to be stored in a cool, airy and dry spot. Old stockings can be used to hold your bulbs in their dormant state.

Tulip bulbs can be grown in warmer areas. 

But it does require a little extra TLC. 
As mentioned above, stick them in the fridge crisper for 8 weeks before its time to plant them around Mothers Day. So set yourself a note in the calendar to do this at the start of March
Plant them in a cooler part of the garden perhaps on the South Side of your house with light shade. This is only for growing in warm areas. 


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