Power Planter 207 (2inch) and 307 (3inch) Power Planter Set

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207 Power Planter (5cm x 17.5cm) Price $45.00

307 Power Planter (7.5cm x 17.5cm) Price $55.00

12 Pairs of Power Planter Gloves (Machine Washable) Price $71.88

The two smaller Power Planters are very popular with gardeners looking to plant bulbs and seedlings along with breaking up rootbound potplants.

207 Power Planter - The very smallest in the range. 

We use this one when planting smaller bulbs like Bluebells, Freesias, Anemones and also vegetable and flower seedlings where you don't want to disturb the surrounding plants too much. 
It makes a nice neat hole  if you have reasonable soil, that is also the perfect size for a 2inch (5cm) tubestock plant.
(Take care: Tubestock plants will need to get their roots out into the surrounding soil, so if it is hard clay ground, drilling a single hole may not be the best idea. Better to wiggle the Power Planter around and loosen up the sides of the holes so the roots can get out) 

307 Power Planter

The 307 is just a bit larger and is ideal for planting potted colour and larger bulbs like Daffodils and Jonquils. It digs down to 17.5cm deep which is ideal for smaller pots and is very easy to use. 

Many of our customers also use these for weeding in your garden as it breaks the ground surface, disturbing the weeds and then they dry out in the sun. 

Having a few different size Power Planters means you have the right size for the job. 

Power Planter Gloves - 12 pairs. 

The most comfortable and functional Gardening Gloves you will own. 

  • Snug stretchable fit so you can feel the details and still be gentle with plants.
  • Nitrile coated fingertips to give you good grip on your drill and Power Planter
  • Breathable material back to let the sweat out so you can keep using them without smelling like a week old sock!
  • When you are done for the day, throw them in the washing machine to have them looking like new again
  • Wont go hard like the leather ones do when they get wet.
  • Cloth backing is great for wiping sweat off your brow. (but there wont be much to wipe off if you are using a Power Planter instead of digging the hard way)

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