Aussie Gardener 72 Cell Seedling Propagator

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The cheapest way to grow your own veggies is from seed, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky caring for the newly sprouting seeds when outside. 
Thats where this mini hot house does all the caring for your 72 seeds that are sprouting. 

  • A low cost way to successfully sprout seeds ready to transplant into the veggie patch
  • Has opening air vents to control the humidity and keep the plants happy
  • Comes apart for easy cleaning. 
  • Can be used over and over.
  • There is 12 rows of 6 cells. Plant 12 different seeds and have 6 plants of each 

Check out the Aussie Gardener Tutorial videos on how to grow from seed using this propagator.

New Model: We got this propagator redesigned so all the pieces fit together well. Also made the plastic thicker so that it will last well. With a bit of care you will be able to use these for several years.  

Note from Brian: The box they come in is quite large so please consider purchasing some other items to fill the space inside so we arent paying to ship air. :-) 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Seedling and Cuttings Propagator

What kind of plastic is it made from?

Food Safe PET

Is it okay to leave outside?

Yes when you have seedlings or cuttings growing have it in sunlight particularly in the winter months when the days are shorter.
During summer, position it to get morning sun and some protection from the hot afternoon sun.
When not in use, move it indoors to prolong its life. 

Does it need the heat mat to work?

The heat mat is a special technique used by professional growers to get faster and more consistent germination rates. It is definitely fine to use the propagators without the heat mat though. 

Is one bag of Debco Seedling & Cutting mix enough to fill it?

Yes plenty. Enough to fill it twice with leftover. 

I’ve tried growing from seed before but not had success. 

Using a propagator makes a big difference to getting successful germination and growth. It is like an incubator for those baby plants. 

What are the vents on the top for?

They can be adjusted shut or open depending on the weather. When it’s cold, close the vent to keep the heat in. When hot, open it up to let some heat and moisture out. 

Does the bottom tray have holes?

No, it is designed to catch the water from the seedling tray and feed it back to the growing plants. Make sure you don’t overwater. Generally you want to see some dribbling onto the base tray but not filling it up. 

Do you have any videos of how to use this?

Yes watch episode 1 of the veggie classes where we show you how to plant up veggie seeds in the propagator.

Can I use these to root cuttings?

Yes, ideal for that as it will keep the moisture in the plants as they work to create new roots.
To see a video of how to propagate new plants from cuttings, read this blog post on Sage cuttings. 

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