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Now is the time to plant garlic - Read our garlic feature story
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Garlic - Packs of 2

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Type: Italian White - pack of 2 bulbs
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Please Note: Due to pre-existing quarantine laws we cannot send garlic to Western Australia and Tasmania. You may need to find bulb suppliers in your areas. Sorry we can't help you. 

Grow your own garlic - you'll reap the benefits from chemical free and flavoursome home-grown garlic.  We have three great varieties to choose from; Italian White, Italian Late and Duganski in packs of 2.

Italian White - has a mild, mellow taste. Can be stored for up to 8 months. Grows particularly well in Northern SA, Victoria, and all of NSW.

Italian Late - has a robust, rich taste.  Can be stored for up to 8 months. Grows best in warmer regions from Northern Victoria and SA to Northern NSW where winters are cold, and summer is dry and hot. 

Duganski - has a lovely nutty flavour when cooked and is great for roasting whole. Can be stored for up to 8 months. Does particularly well in colder climates; SA, Victoria and NSW.

How to grow garlic

Like most flowering bulbs, garlic needs to have a cool to cold winter for the bulb to form. This makes them a good crop for temperate and cool zones but not good for tropical zone regions up North.  Get in quick and plant your garlic in June and early July.

There are many ways you can grow garlic at home; set aside an area in your veggie patch, grow amongst your tomato plants to deter pests or dedicate a large pot or container like our Aussie Gardener Geofelt Planters for your garlic.

Geotech Felt Black Vegetable growing Bag Dimensions

The best results are going to be achieved using nice plump sized cloves as the new plant is already stored in that bulb. A lot of people try using garlic cloves from the supermarket and planting those. But keep in mind 95% of garlic is coming from overseas and has been bleached and sprayed with growth inhibitors (maleic hydrazide), you are likely to get very poor results. 

Break up the bulb into individual cloves and plant in a sunny spot with the pointy end up so they are about 2cm below the soil. In cold areas you can plant a bit deeper (5cm) Space them 15cm apart and in rows 15cm apart and water them in.  Keep them moist but not too wet.

A good little growers tip is to soak the bulbs in liquid seaweed solution overnight before planting.  It will make them sprout faster.


Keep your garlic really healthy by applying Amgrow Seaweed solution or Harvest every few weeks. Then apply some additional organic pellets every 8 weeks. Amgrow Naturals Vegetable and Herb would be perfect to use.


When to harvest garlic

About 6 - 9 months into growing, the outer leaves will start to brown off.  This is a sign they are getting closer to being ready.  Cut back on the watering and fertilising at this stage. Move a bit of surface soil away to check the bulb looks nicely formed.

When there's are only about half a dozen green leaves left, stop watering for a week to make the skins go tight around the cloves, then dig them up with a fork. Try not to damage the outer skin as they will store better if kept tightly packed.  Brush off the soil and hang in bunches in a warm, airy spot away from sunlight.  They look great plaited and hanging in the kitchen but keep away from steam as the moisture can affect them.  Leave them for about 5 weeks to cure.  Once they are cured, trim off the roots and leaves and keep them in cool, dark spot until you need to do some cooking with garlic! 

Set aside the plumpest bulbs of garlic to plant again next year, rather than eating them. 

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