Aussie Gardener Kitchen Herb Scissors

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A good solid pair of multifunctional scissors.

We use them mainly to trim leaves off veggies when harvesting, or for collecting herbs.
But they can also be used for cutting through leather, cardboard, fabric and more. 

Unlike most things you buy these days, they wont break or fall apart. 
The blades are stainless steel and the handle is aluminium and screwed on with stainless steel screws. 

Perfect for the kitchen and veggie patch.


Frequently Asked Questions for the Kitchen Herb Scissors

Are these only for cutting herbs?

No, these are a robust pair of scissors for using in the kitchen and veggie patch or the shed. Will cut through cardboard, leather, fabrics, trimming off veggies and more

Are the handles plastic?

The handles are made of aluminium and the blades are stainless steel as are the screws. A good pair of scissors like this will last you many years. 

Are they good for left handers?

Yes, as the scissors can be used no matter which way you pick them up. Customers with arthritis have said they have been great to use. 

Is there any warranty?

Yes there is firstly a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee for 30 days. So you can really test them out and know that we will refund if you aren't happy.
There is also a 1 year extended warranty just in case something goes wrong with them. 

Would these be suitable for sewing, cutting material?

Yes, many customers have bought an extra pair for the sewing drawer. 

Will these cut branches on shrubs?

Not really designed for that. Better to use our Aussie Gardener Secateurs for pruning shrubs. These kitchen scissors are great for harvesting veggies in the patch, trimming off all the excess leaves, chopping them up for the compost. 

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