Amgrow Nutrafeed All Purpose Liquid Fertiliser 500g

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A specially formulated all purpose fertiliser. It will supply the essential nutrients required for healthy growth by feeding the roots and the leaves. Ideal for seedlings, vegetables, trees and shrubs in pots and garden beds. Promotes healthy growth including added trace elements, in a fast acting formulation that is easy to apply.

How to use:

Dissolve 1 heaped spoonful (with the spoon included in packet, 1 spoon= 4gms) in 4.5L of water, when applying to indoor plants, flowers and vegetables.

Dissolve 1 level spoonful  in 4.5L of water, when applying to seedlings, African violets, ferns, palms and orchids.

For shrubs, dissolve 4 heaped spoonfuls in 9L of water.

Apply Nutrafeed fortnightly.


(N:P:K) 19:1:24.1

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