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Want to have a go at grafting?
You'll be needing a role of this Grafting Tape to wrap the join. 

This is a Translucent PVC Tape, with high elasticiy and excellent memory. Ideal for binding together grafts and buds. 

Now if none of that means anything to you.. basically when you join a piece of branch to another, or insert a bud in behind some bark, you will need to wrap it up like a compression bandage to stop it drying out. 
This tape is specifically designed for that purpose. Should be in every gardeners collection and a role of 50m will last you a long time. 

Have a go at grafting multiple varieties of citrus onto one tree. 
So you could have a Fruit Salad Tree which fruits with lemon on one branch, orange on another, lemon and lime. Could be confusing though thinking the orange isnt yet ripe because its actually a lemon! 

Or graft an apple onto a cherry tree. It needs to be part of the same family so you cant graft an orange onto an apple for example. 
If your neighbour has a different variety of apple get a 150mm branch from theirs to graft onto your apple or pear tree. Just check with them first and offer to graft yours onto their tree as well! 

This grafting tape can also can be used for tieing up plants in the veggie patch so it will come in very handy.

Get this GRAFTING TOOL to make it easy
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