Aussie Gardener Veggie Starter Kit

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Our goal is to get as many families as possible growing their own veggies over the coming months. Our Free Veggie Classes videos have already had thousands of signups so be quick to grab these starter kits as we only have a limited amount available. 

Note: This pack contains 10 packs of seeds. The Veggie Sowing Planner that we use in our veggie classes is a separate product and can be purchased at this link
  • 1 x 72 Cell Seedling Propagator $32.50
  • One bag of the best quality soil you can buy for seedlings. Debco! $11.99
  • 10 packs of the most popular vegetables to grow $35.00
  • Three Bottle Top gentle waterers $5.99
  • 500g tub of Amgrow Slow Release fertiliser $10.14
  • Pack of  50 Plant labels and pencil $7.99
  • Mini Seed Dispenser $5.99
  • Top 10 Most popular veggie seed packs included. 
    1. Climbing Beans
    2. Broccoli
    3. Chinese Cabbage or Pak Choi
    4. Lettuce 
    5. Silverbeet
    6. Corn
    7. Zuchini
    8. Cherry Tomato
    9. Beetroot
    10. Radish

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