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Could your garden earn you money?

Could your garden earn you money?

It's easy to spend money on your garden, but I wonder if you have considered making some money from it?

On my way home the other day, I saw a lovely little flower stand with a sign: FLOWERS $5.

Flower for sale $5 a bunch road side stall

Kaylene likes being given flowers so I pulled over and grabbed a bunch.
I also love supporting locals having a go!
There was some important lessons to be learnt from this experience.

The flowers were just ones from their garden. Nothing too hard to grow. No perfect flowers like you get from the commercial florists. Just old classics you might find in your own garden.

To dress them up they had used some flower wrapping paper which cost about 40cents. Here is a supplier below with lots of colour options.


Building a flower cart

If we break it down... a lot of these items you could get for free to build yourself a nice looking flower stand. If you are not skilled on the tools, I bet there is someone in your family who would actually love doing a little project like this if you showed them this photo.

I found those plastic vases on Koch and Co as well. CLICK HERE About $6 each


What can we learn from this?

  • The flowers can be just a nice collection from your garden. No fancy commercial long stemmed flowers needed.
  •  You dont need a fancy setup, but putting a little effort into creating a little cart like this one really catches your eye.
  • People still buy things with cash
  • You can do this at any age.. it is not too late. :-)

You may think... well whats the point. All that effort to get $5 bucks!
Firstly... that $5 is all yours. ;-)

What if you sold 3 or 4 bunches a day and over the space of a week you ended up with an extra $100 spending money. Think of all the new plants (more flowers) and gear you could be buying to support your hobby.

And apart from the money side of it, you will be providing joy for your suburb. People love seeing flowers for sale! They love giving them to people they love! They love striking up conversation with the person who grew them.

You are probably already growing some beautiful flowers in your garden.. why not gather some up each morning and try your luck.

Be consistent

Just remember it may take a little while for people to find out about your stall, so be consistent and keep putting flowers out. At worst, if they dont sell you can add them to your compost bin at the end of the week.

Often we hear from customers saying they have to be careful with their spending because they are on the pension (which is very limiting).

I wonder if you could spread some joy in your neighbourhood and make some extra pocket money too, all for doing something you love.

Brian :-)

Pro Tip: When you first start, leave a bunch of flowers on the door step of everyone in your street with a little note saying you have just set up a flower stand and would love their support. If it's a big street, do it for 5-10 houses per week and work your way along. You will be surprised at how this little gesture will start them off as regular customers once they experience having a nice bunch of flowers in their home.

Here is some more inspiration for flower cart ideas


Do you have flower carts you drive past?  Post some photos in the comments.

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