Aussie Gardener Complete set of 24 varieties of veggie seeds - A full year of growing

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We have put together 24 of the best growing varieties of vegetables in one easy kit. Nothing Genetically modified. All good solid varieties that have been growing in australia for the last 20 or more years. Enough for a full year of veggie growing (and more)

Store these seed packs inside your home in a dark cupboard away from heat. They way they will last about 2 years. 

Note: This pack contains 24 packs of seeds. The Veggie Sowing Planner that we use in our veggie classes is a separate product and can be purchased at this link

  • A full years worth of seeds - 24 Top Growing Varieties. 
    1. Climbing Beans
    2. Broccoli
    3. Chinese Cabbage
    4. Lettuce 
    5. Silverbeet
    6. Corn
    7. Zuchini
    8. Cherry Tomato
    9. Beetroot
    10. Radish 
    11. Broad Beans
    12. Peas
    13. Cabbage Red
    14. Cauliflower
    15. Capsicum
    16. Kale
    17. Cucumber
    18. Eggplant
    19. Pumpkin
    20. Carrots
    21. Onion Brown
    22. Onion Red
    23. Rocket
    24. Watermelon


Frequently Asked Questions about the TOP 24 Seed Varieties Pack

How should I store my seed?

The biggest mistake people make is leaving seed in the hot metal garden shed. Seed germination rates are affected by temperature and moisture. A few 40 degree days can really knock them round.
Better to store them inside your home in a dry cupboard away from heat and moisture. 

Will the seed last for years?

Over time you will find that the germination rate will keep decreasing. The best results will be achieved planting the seed within 12 months of purchase if stored as above.
If you have old seeds that are multiple years old, you can still give it a go, but you may find that a lot of them won’t germinate. 

Do you teach us how to grow the seed?

Yes. We have free Veggie Growing Classes. Episode 1 teaches you how to sow your seed and get great germination.
Head to and sign up. 

Can I get individual packs of seeds?

At this stage we are only selling seeds in the 10 pack and 24 pack to keep the costs down. Handling individual seed pack orders would mean we need to increase the price too much. 

Are the seeds GMO (Genetically Modified)

No. GMO seeds are only used by large scale farms and aren’t available to the general public. None of our seeds are GMO. 

Are your seeds heirloom?

Heirloom has a fairly wide definition. Some people refer to heirloom as pre 1950s, and others say it refers to open pollinated seeds or those that have been grown for generations.
In the general sense, heirloom refers to a variety that has been tried and tested for many years and proven its worth.
All of our seeds qualify in that regard. 

Are your seeds organic?

Seed that is certified organic is very limited in Australia. We have seen a few suppliers claiming they only sell organic seed, but you may find they are just using the phrase ‘organic’ to get the sale. If in doubt, ask them if their seed is certified organic and ask to see the certification.
Our seed is not classified as organic and that doesn’t worry us because it bears no significance on the veggies grown. Brian and Kaylene grow all their veggies using organic methods but still use regular seed.
If you were eating the seeds, then it would be relevant for them to be organic but when using seed to grow a full size plant, there is going to be no chemical residue to worry about. 

How many seeds are in each pack?

It depends on the variety. For example with pumpkin seeds there may be 10 seeds, but for carrots it may be 500. It is based on how on how we grow and eat veggies.  10 Pumpkin seeds may not sound like much but it produces a LOT of pumpkins. Certainly enough for a family to eat in a year or more. 

Are any of your seeds F1 and what does that mean?

Our corn variety is F1 hybrid. This means that collecting seed from these will not be very effective the following year. F1 varieties are bred to be better producers and disease resistant. Corn doesn’t do as well with open pollination. You end up with a very hit and miss crop, hence why we recommend using F1 for corn. 

How much food can I grow with these seeds?

A LOT! These seeds are enough to grow a full year of food for a family and then some. Look after the seed and grow your veggies well and you will be turning that seed kit into many thousands of dollars worth of veggies. 

Is the seed produced in Australia?

A lot of the veggie seeds are grown on Australian farms, but they do run out so the same varieties are imported from overseas farms and go through the strict biosecurity laws Australia has.
Importing seeds is very normal practice for seed merchants as there are not always enough varieties grown here for seed production. 

Do you provide a sowing guide for different areas of Australia?

Yes -  many of our customers use this great A3 laminated planner that guides you in what to sow when, depth, spacing, frost protection, whether to sow in trays or direct into beds and how long till harvest. Makes it easy to plan out your beds.
You can purchase the Veggie Sowing Planner at this link 

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