Huge Planter Bag for growing veggies - 400Litre

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Having raised garden beds makes it much easier to grow your own veggies. Better drainage, easier to manage, with a good working height. If you havent got time to build Timber Raised beds, these planter bags do the same job and are pretty much instant! 
  • Heavy Duty Woven bag  UV stable for 5-10 years
  • Used in the nursery industry to grow trees so they have to be tough
  • Has drainage holes
  • 920mm diameter and 600mm height is ideal for veggies
  • Holds 0.4m3 of soil (Get a Vegetable soil mix from your local soil yard to fill these - Much cheaper than using bagged soil.
  • Having a large volume of soil stops it drying out as regular pots do. 
  • Circular sewn base to give it a good cylindar shape when filled with soil
  • If you need to move them one day, the handles are designed for lifting

Dont be tempted to use something that looks similar but cheaper. eg. a skip bag. They dont last outdoors. Even the stitching on these planter bags is UV stable to ensure they wont fall apart. 

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