Aussie Gardener Canvas Apron

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We have custom designed this apron to be perfect for gardening. 

No need to change clothes, it's very quick to slip the apron on and do a little weeding and maintenance without having to change. 

3 pockets are for your gardening tools and gloves, and 1 chest pocket for your mobile phone.
  • Made from strong canvas - So it will last for years
  • Adjustable neck and waist straps, so you can get just the right fit.
  • Generous width if you have a few more curves ;-) . 
  • Neck strap is made of a soft material so it doesn't irritate you.
  • Pocket for your mobile phone with a velcro flap, to keep it safe when you bend over. Positioned closer to your ears so you won't miss any of your calls and you can listen to your music or your favourite podcast.
  • 3 Pockets for your tools near your waist for easy access, so you won't leave your secateurs behind.
  • Machine washable to keep clean.

New Design has

  • Larger Phone Pocket for the big phones and cases

  • Neck saving extra strap that takes the weight off your neck. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Canvas Apron

What are the Aprons made of?

100% cotton which makes them comfortable to wear and easy to wash. They are thick cotton canvas, probably double the thickness of a regular apron, giving you good protection from spills and dirt. 

Will this fit my phone?

Yes it will. The top pocket has a velcro style flap to keep your phone tucked away from the dirt but still within easy access. The first batch of these aprons, the pocket was a bit tight for the new larger phone models so we have increased it significantly so that all the phones should fit.
Of course there is also the waist level pockets that you could choose to store your phone there if you prefer.
A lot of customers like having it in the high pocket so they can listen to music and podcasts or audio books while they garden. 

Do they come in different sizes? I'm a bit curvy.

The aprons design is generous and with the adjustable straps we have customers ranging from Skinny Minnies to Curvy Koalas wearing them and loving it.
If you are a bit on the short side, you may like to get the bottom taken up with a simple hem. A tailor at your local shops can do this easily for you.

How does the neck saving strap work?

It’s a really simple idea. We played around with having crossover straps but found they slipped off your shoulders and became annoying.
Instead we took the traditional apron straps and simply added a bridging strap between the neck and waist with loops at either end.

It turns out the main pressure point that gives you that heavy feeling from a neck strap is just in the centre of your neck at the back. When you use the extra strap it takes all that ‘heavy’ feeling away and you can wear it comfortably all day. Try it and you will see! 

My husband is a woodworker. Would it be good for him?

Absolutely. We have many customers using them for woodworking in the workshop or mens shed. 

Where are the Aprons made?

The aprons are designed in Australia by us and then we get them sewn overseas to keep the price at an affordable level for everyone. No use making a great quality apron if only the rich can afford to buy it.
The lady that oversees the Apron making is Alice who we have met and she makes sure her staff take pride in their work. She sends me photos of them happily working away making aprons for Aussies. 

I’ve previously bought this apron, but it didn’t come with the neck saving strap. Can I buy one separately rather than purchase a whole new apron?

Yes absolutely. We ordered a few hundred extra of the neck saving strap for this reason as part of our no junk policy. We don’t want you to have to throw something out just to get the latest model.
To purchase the neck saving strap, click here

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