Netting - 2MM Woven Veggie Net 6MX6M

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This is commercial grade outdoor insect netting to stop all the bugs, fruit fly, cabbage moths from getting to your precious veggies.
Since using this in our veggie patch, the plants are thriving, no more sprays needed. Totally Organic growing the easy way. 

These are decent size packs at 6 x 6m


Frequently Asked Questions about Veggie Insect Net

Can I cut this fabric to fit my beds?

Yes, with a sharp pair of quality scissors this is easy to cut and doesn’t fray as it is a knitted fabric. We usually drape it over a frame and clip it on and then trim it off to size. The Aussie Gardener Kitchen Herb Scissors are perfect for cutting this fabric. 

Is this fabric UV stable. Will it last outdoors

Yes this is a UV stable fabric designed to last for several years outdoors. 

Will it stop animals from getting to my plants?

Yes for most animals this will be sufficient to stop them getting access to your plants with the exception of rats. When they are hungry they will chew through just about anything. Customers are successfully using this to stop all insects, snails/slugs, birds, possums, kangaroos and more. 

Do you sell the frame supports?

In our veggie patch as shown in the videos we produce, we are using galvanised tube to make the box shaped frames for this netting to be attached to. In episode 3 you can watch how we do that. 

Do you have larger sizes of this net? 

Sorry not at this stage. 6 x 6m is generous size for most situations. You could join it together with cable ties if you needed to create a bigger cover. Be sure to overlap and not leave access gaps. 

Will it still let the bees through?

No, this stops all insects from reaching your veggies and fruit. Generally the approach is to not leave it on all the time. When a crop is in flower, have the net open to let the bees in if it is a fruiting crop. Once the fruit start to form, cover it with veggie netting as that is usually when the other pests start arriving. 

Will this stop the caterpillars eating my Broccoli, Cabbages, Kale, Cauliflower?

Yes they are all members of the Brassica family which gets attacked by White Cabbage Moth. It lays lots of eggs on the leaves, these hatch into nicely camouflaged lime green caterpillars which have a huge appetite! Stop the moths laying the eggs and the problem is solved. 

I already have caterpillars eating my plants. Is it too late?

Yes and no. Adding the net now will stop further pests getting access but you will still have all the active ones and eggs inside the net.
This will require a two step approach. You will need to spray the plants thoroughly with a caterpillar killer. The one we recommend is called DIPEL. It is an organic spray and harmless to us and other animals.
Immediately after spraying, cover the crop with veggie net and be diligent to not leave any gaps or accidentally leave it open. 

Do you have an option specifically for covering fruit trees?

Yes it is a sewn tree net made of the same veggie net fabric but in a cylinder with lid shape. It has a slit down the side to get access to the tree. You would usually gather and tie it around the trunk to stop insects and birds getting in. Finally you can grow juicy fruit without any sprays!  

My only problem is birds and possums and I still want to let the bees in

You might be better off using bird netting instead. This wont stop the insects though as the holes are bigger. 

What if I only want to cover the fruit, not the whole bed or tree?

You would be better off using fruit bags or sleeves for that. Very similar but with finer mesh, sewn into a drawstring type bag to slip over developing fruit. 


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