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Aussie Gardener Potato Grow Bags - Reusable Heavy Duty Planter Bags - the easy way to grow potatoes at home

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Size: Small Single (350mmx450mm)
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Growing spuds at home can be a lot of fun especially if you are a potato lover! 

    "The simple maths is, with one potato you can grow ten more. That's an amazing return on effort. Follow our steps to set up a mini potato farm at your place."

    Brian and Kaylene

    One of the problems with growing spuds in the ground is that they tend to spread and if you get a disease, your soil can be ruined for several years. By using a potato planting bag instead you can keep them in a relatively small space and not take over your whole yard. 

    Potato Growing Bags Options

    No doubt you would have seen various options for potato growing in pots ranging from the heavy duty fabric ones we sell, to the thinner plastic bag type and even car tyres stacked up. A quick word of warning on using car tyres. Unfortunately whilst it seems like a good idea, they end up leeching heavy metals into the soil which get absorbed by the plants and then into your stomach!
    So it's important to only grow in bags that are going to be foodsafe. 


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The potato bags are well made and sturdy. I looked at other potato bags but they do not compare. The fabric is of good quality and the product arrived with clear instructions. I look forward to harvesting my potatoes"

    Rita Mlinaric  Stratford, VIC


    Customers have been sending in photos of their mini potato farms.

     Customer Carol Veit shows her potatoes growing in the potato bags.

    Customer photo of their potato harvest

    Where to buy Potato Grow Bags

    The big difference with our bags is essentially the thickness of the fabric used and the way the bags are made. We use a foodsafe extra thick geofelt fabric that is not only super strong but also UV stable. It is made to last for several years so you can reuse the same bag year after year. The stitching is UV stable and even double stitched because there is no point in having a strong fabric if the stitching is going to fail first. It's part of our no junk policy because we don't want to sell products that create more unnecessary landfill. 
    We stand by this with our easy returns and full refund not just for faulty items but for any reason at all! 

    You are welcome to purchase through this product page or via a phone order on 1800 222 800

    "Great quality. Have planted three bags with seed potatoes. I really like the construction of these bags. Well stitched together."

    Margaret Wyeth  Capalaba, Queensland

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I’ve been shopping around for awhile took a gamble of ordering it online. Glad I did plus now know about this company I get all the cool videos and gardening tips which has been very helpful .., So thanks guys highly recommend your products!!"

    Whitney Hillen  Carlton River, Tasmania


    Michelle shows off her wonderful potato harvest using the potato grow bags from Aussie Gardener

    Potato Planter Bag Sizes

    Our potato grow bags come in 2 easy sizes. 

    Small Potato Grow Bag 350mm wide and 450mm tall 

    Plant 2-3 pieces of potato in each and expect to later harvest around 20-30 potatoes from the bag

    Large Potato Grow Bag 550mm wide and 400mm tall 

    Plant 5-6 pieces of potato in each and expect to later harvest around 50 potatoes from the bag

    It is a good idea to get a few bags and start a new bag every few weeks so you always have some ready to harvest. 

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "These are great, big enough and sturdy too, not just cheap fabric but strong and they stand up even when only half full. Flaps are a cool idea too."
    Scott Branden

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "A good old fashioned Aussie company who genuinely treat every customer with a wonderful personalised service. Any queries or assistance they are able to offer it all. Well done Aussie Gardener keep up the great work!"
    Chrissy Kelly - Leederville WA

    Why do potato grow bags have a side flap?

    This clever feature is so you can harvest some smaller potatoes during the growing season. It takes about 90-120 days to grow potatoes in their complete cycle, but you can start harvesting through the side flap from about 60 days on. Our large potato bag has a flap on 2 sides to make it easy to reach in. Other brands will only have one flap which means you can't get access to the potatoes on the other side until the crop has finished. 
    The Velcro style flap allows you to easily seal the hole back up so the soil doesn't spill out. 

     Phil with his first crop of potatoes using the potato bags.

    When is the right time to be planting potatoes in Australia?

    Potato leaves don't like frost, so their growing cycle needs to be completed before frosts hit in your local area. They also don't like super hot weather either. 
    As a general guide if you live in a 

    • Temperate Zone (eg Sydney, Adelaide, Perth,)  you can sow potatoes from the end of July  through to February.
    • Cool Zone (eg. Melbourne, Tasmania, Canberra and mountainous regions) you can sow potatoes from August till December
    • Subtropical Zone (Brisbane, Gold Coast) you can sow potatoes from March till August. The rest of the year is a bit too hot for potato growing, but you could swap to Sweet Potato as they like the heat.
    • Tropical Zone (way up north, Cairns, Darwin) you can sow potatoes from March to July only and in the other months sow sweet potatoes. Actually you can grow Sweet Potato all year long you lucky sun lovers! 

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Very superior planter design and material. The little hatch is a good idea for easy harvesting instead of digging out from the top. Excellent service as my vege planters arrived super quick. Thank you Brian and Kaylene"
    Rohini Iyer - Young NSW

    Rozanne from Sandstone Point in Queensland shows off her great looking potato crop

      How to grow potatoes in a bag

      1. Fill with potting mix to 1/3rd of the bag only 

      2. Plant seed potatoes (see below) or ones from your cupboard that have started shooting. Bury beneath the soil

      3. Water in and wait till the plants reach about 12cm tall, then add more potting mix till only the top 2 leaves of each plant are showing. Aim to keep the soil damp but not always wet. Wait for them to grow another 12cm (approximately) and fill with 10cm of soil. Repeat the 'wait and fill' till you reach the top of the bag. This is called hilling and stops the spuds from going green when exposed to sunlight. 

      4. The leaves will continue to grow above that level, but more importantly the spuds will grow in the soil underneath along the stems you buried and you can access them through the side flap.

      5. The full cycle of growing is around 3-4 months at which point the plant will die back. Stop watering and leave it for another 2 weeks to harden up the skins so they store well in the pantry. Then tip all the soil out to collect your harvest of lovely fresh spuds. 

      Watch our free veggie growing in pots classes. CLICK HERE

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Fantastic purchase. We are growing our vegetables very successfully in these bags. Extremely happy with our purchase."
      Elizabeth Eyb -
      Eli Waters QLD

      Customer reviews for potato bags showing a photo of their harvest

      Key features of the Aussie Gardener Grow Bag

       As with all Aussie Gardener products, we have designed this to last really well and be reusable year after year. 

      • The geofelt fabric and stitching is all UV stable and designed for outdoor use. 
      • Double stitching along all seams ensure these are built tough for Australian conditions
      • Velcro style flap for easy access
      • Water freely drains through the geotech felt without any soil leaking out. (good for balconies)
      • Strong handles so if you need to move them you can. Potatoes like sunlight. 
      • 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee for any reason. We are a caring family business that looks after our customers. 
      • We promise you wont be disappointed with the quality. These are beautifully made to last. 

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The potato bag produces so many potatoes in such a small space. Easy to care for and the bag is very strong."
      Julie Jewell - Sunbury VIC

      Wendy Scott customer review of the potato bags from Aussie Gardener showing her harvest

      Looking for seed potatoes and interesting varieties to try?
      Remember you can use sprouting potatoes from your cupboard when growing in a potato bag, or dedicated seed potatoes from certified suppliers. 

      Agronico supply potato farmers so you know they are going to be top quality stock. One of the tricks they use is to keep them stored in a very advanced cool store so that their seed potatoes can be available nearly all year. (usually you can only get them in Sept-Oct) 

      Agronico Seed Potatoes for home gardeners


      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "These sure are winners. I am over the moon as I have nothing but sand around me and the bags enable me to have my fresh vegies with less effort, and no weeding to do! Yay! Love these Bags, the best invention ever."
      Barbara Reid - Mirrabooka WA


      Frequently Asked Questions about growing in the Potato Planter Bags

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