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Sureguard ScareCrow 360° - Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent

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Sureguard ScareCrow 360° is a motion activated deterrent to keep unwanted visitors away. No matter which direction the animals come from the 360° feature will activate. Ideal for stopping rodents, possums, cats, dogs, deer, foxes, rabbits, kangaroos and more!

The ScareCrow 360° uses a combination of very high pitched sounds and flashing lights to deter pests.  It's 360° motion sensors detect pests up to 8m away and the blue flashing lights can deter foxes and dogs up to 200m away at night.


- two modes, 24 hours or night only 

- solar powered with rechargeable battery

- metal ground spike to secure device in your garden

- USB charging port (a full charge lasts 3-4weeks) When the unit is installed outdoors in a sunny position the solar panel will keep it topped up automatically. 

- PIR (heat/movement) sensors on all sides. Note the sensors work on a horizontal plane so the device need to be positioned at the height of the animals activity. eg. rats: ground level, possums moving along fences: position at the top of the fence level.  

Important note: Ultrasonic repellers work with very high frequencies that are above our human hearing.  Most people won't be able to hear the ultrasonic sounds made by the ScareCrow 360°, however it can be heard by younger people as their hearing is more sensitive to these frequencies. It only goes off when there is body movement in the near vicinity. 


What is the Ultrasonic Repeller good for?

  • ✅Rats
  • ✅Possums
  • ✅Bandicoots
  • ✅Cats
  • ✅Dogs 
  • ✅Deer
  • ✅Kangaroos
  • ✅Rabbits
  • Foxes

What is it NOT effective on?
  • ❌Birds (they have a lower frequency hearing more like humans)
  • ❌Snakes
  • ❌Lizards
  • ❌Spiders and bugs
  • ❌Dinosaurs (not tested)



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Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 8.20.38 am.png


More details from the manufacturer

The Sureguard ScareCrow 360o uses THREE repelling actions that are active horizontally in all directions, 360-degrees.  So no matter which direction the animals come from, the deterrent will be active.

Three Repelling Actions:

  • Blue Sentinel Lights flash to deter foxes and dogs up to 200m at night. This simulates human activity that makes them feel confused, disrupted or vulnerable. When pests sense danger or confrontation, they generally choose safety and retreat.
  • Close up, Motion Sensors detect the body heat of pests. This triggers Powerful Ultrasonic Sound and Bright White Flashing Lights that will repel most pest animals.
  • The combined flashing pattern of the White Lights and Blue Sentinel Lights simulate an Up-Down Motion of the device that animals are particularly wary of at night.

The Sureguard ScareCrow 360o has the ability to modify animal behaviour, but animals have natural behaviours and motivations that should also be considered. It may take longer to get results when an animal has strong motivation. For example, an animal eating your garden plants is probably doing so because little food is available.

Persistent behaviours can sometimes take longer to control. For example, deterring a neighbour’s dog from visiting will likely get quick results because the dog is aware it’s out of its territory. However, your dog may not be initially controlled until the deterrent becomes a nuisance to your dog.

How long the modified behaviour persists can vary. For example, a possum may stop visiting for a time but return when food is in short supply. Therefore, however quick the initial result should be, don’t be too quick to switch OFF the Sureguard ScareCrow 360o. You want to send a strong message if the animal returns: “this deterrent is always here to protect”.


Cats: Visiting cats should quickly learn to stay away. Your pet cat may require more time to control.

Dogs: Visiting dogs should quickly learn to stay away because they are intruding on another’s territory. Your pet dog may require more time to understand the deterrent, and it should be left in place for the deterrent effect to persist.

Deer: Always have the Sentinel Light operating. Leave the device active continually.

Foxes: Use the Night-Mode setting if visitations occur at night and always have the Sentinel Light operating. If protecting poultry, you may require two or three devices surrounding your shed to ensure at least one can be seen from any approach direction.

Possums: Use the Night-Mode setting for best results and leave the device active continually. The Sentinel Light might not be required.
The Motion Sensor must be about the same height as the possum and within a Motion Sensor’s range. So if the possum is walking along a fence, up a tree, climbing a building structure, etc., ensure the device is at that height. If the possum is at ground level, install it at ground level.

Rabbits:  Activate the device continually. Shorten the Support Post to get the appropriate height for the Motion Sensor. If possible, use the Sentinel Light.

Reptiles: NOT SUITABLE. Does not work with cold-blooded animals.

Rodents:  Use the Night-Mode setting, and place it at ground level without the Support Post.

Wallabies and Kangaroos: Always have the Sentinel Light operating. Leave the device active continually.


  • HypersoundTM Technology that projects high-intensity multiple frequency waves toward the pest for maximum deterrence.

  • Two selectable operating modes can protect just at night or 24-hours a day.

  • Solar-powered with an internal lithium rechargeable battery for day and night operation.

  • 5 Volt external power inlet allows use indoors or undercover.

  • Operating time is 3-4 weeks between charges.

  • Four operating heights.

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