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Solving the fruit fly problem

Solving the fruit fly problem

Fruit Fly - Please help

A question I received today from Abdullah about fruit tree pests (fruit fly)

Good Morning Brian

It is a long time I have been receiving your emails and following

Today I would like to share the issues I have been facing for the last couple of years in my back yard garden

I have planted 1 Peach tree, 1 Apricot and 5 pomegranates which bears fruits but none of them were useable.

Before ripening, they were full of worms inside. I have done fungicide 2 times a year and pesticide many times but never been effective and through discussions, was told it is fruit flies but nothing has worked yet.

Can you please advise me so we can get rid of the problem.

Looking forward hearing from you


Will be very much greatful.



Hi Abdullah

Here are the solutions I would recommend.

As soon as fruit starts to form, cover the fruit cluster with fruit protection bags.
These are very effective at stopping insect damage and most birds/possums

The bags can be used again each year with a bit of care. It is really important to apply the bag after flowering as soon as you see fruits forming.

The next alternative is to net the whole tree. Again do this straight after flowering has finished (not before because the bees need to have access to pollinate the flowers so that they produce a fruit)

If you already have fruit being affected by fruit fly, using traps is very effective.
This one in particular has proved excellent.
Best to have it hanging in the tree early when the fruits first form.

You can also get refills from our store for this trap for each new year.

Hope that all helps and you get lots of yummy fruit this year. It is a much better approach than continual spraying.
Note you may still need to apply fungicide to the trees but this is not for the insects. More for leaf curl, powdery mildew, blackspot and rust. 

A few good options
organic: OCP eco Fungicide
Non organic: Copper Oxychloride
Non organic: Lime Sulfer concentrate

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Ginny - September 13, 2023

Hi, last Spring I purchased ‘fruit fly bags’ to cover out tomatoes. I got one pack of smallish bags and another longer pack. Neither worked because the tomatoes pushed against the bags and the fruit flies decimated them. Do you have wider sized bags please?

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