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We use all of these Dewalt products and they have not let us down. They know how to make a solid power tool that actually does what its meant to. 
Highly recommended.
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    Dewalt 996 Top of the range Cordless Drill Kit

    $599.00 $549.00
    What drill do you recommend?If you are looking for an excellent Drill to use with your Power Planters - we highly recommend the Dewalt 996 along with 5 A/h high...

    Dewalt 18V Blower - DCM562PB-XE (18v - same batteries as the drills)

    $249.00 $239.00
    Want a blower that doesn't make you stink and is lightweight? This exceptional blower is the real deal. We have thoroughly tested it in 5 acres of gardens and it...

    Dewalt Line Trimmer Line 2mm

    $16.00 $13.00
    The best line to get for your 18V/54V Dewalt Line trimmer. This is the Genuine Dewalt line.Grab a few packs so you know you've always got enough line to get...

    54V Flexvolt Starter Kit

    $449.00 $439.00
    Overview Comes with 2 batteries and a dual charger, so you can charge both batteries at the same time. Charges 10.8-18V-54V XR and XR FLEXVOLT batteries Dual port with 4.0A...

    Dewalt 54V XR Flexvolt Stud & Joist Drill-Bare

    $499.00 $469.00
      Overview 54V Brushless Motor for increased power and run time Adjustable bail handle and 2-position side handle for safety, leverage and control E-Clutch is a Perform and Protect™; feature...

    2x 18V XR Brushless Electric Mower

    $549.00 $512.00
    The days of getting frustrated trying to get the mower started are over! This Dewalt lawn mower is 100% up to the task and a lot quieter than the old petrol ones....

    18V XR Brushless Pole Saw - Bare Unit

    $349.00 $339.00
    Need to cut a few dead branches up a tree, but don't want to have to risk going up a ladder yourself? Then this Pole Saw from Dewalt is the...

    Tri Link Chain (30cm & 40cm)

    $34.00 $29.00
    Got one of the Dewalt electric Chainsaws 18V or 54V?Then these are your go to blade replacements or backups (Strongly recommended to have at least 1 spare if not 2).OPTIONS:30cm...

    Brushcutter 25CM Tri-Blade & Adaptor Set

    $49.00 $44.00
    If you're finding that the line isn't cutting it or you know you've got to through some brushes then here you have all that you need to convert the 54V...

    18V XR Li-Ion Brushless Chainsaw - Bare Unit

    $329.00 $310.00
    This little chainsaw is a pleasure to use. Ideal for pruning branches, or cutting up firewood. A lot quieter, safer and easier to maintain and no exhaust to deal with....

    Dewalt Car Charger

    Dewalt 10.8V, 14.4V & 18V XR Li-Ion Vehicle Battery Charger Charges XR Li-Ion DEWALT 10.8V, 14.4V, 18V Slide Pack batteries Charges 3.0Ah battery pack in 90 minutes DEWALT 2 stage...

    54V XR Flexvolt Brushless Chainsaw

    $509.00 $499.00
    We have given this a good run on our property and it certainly has the power to tackle the bigger jobs. You will need to have a few batteries on...

    18V Hedge Trimmer DCMHT563N-XE

    Hedge Trimmers are great fun and a good way to tidy up a garden fast. In the past it was all petrol powered and sometimes quite frustrating to get started. Now...

    54V XR Flexvolt Axial Blower

    $329.00 $319.00
    Designed for professionals that need a good strong blower, with less noise and none of the fumes like a petrol units. It's well balanced with adjustable speed via a finger trigger with...

    XR Flexvolt™ Blower (Bare Unit)

    $299.00 $289.00
    The 54V Dewalt Blower is nicely balanced making it a pleasure to use on a a job.A lot quieter than than the petrol blowers and no exhaust fumes or fuel...

    54V XR Flexvolt Split Shaft Line Trimmer – Bare Unit

    $429.00 $419.00
    For Professionals who want a lighter, electric line trimmer that doesn't make you or your vehicle stink of petrol and can also be packed up to fit in confined spaces,...
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