Amgrow Harvest Organix Hose One 2.4L

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Organix Harvest is a totally natural liquid fertiliser prepared from ocean fish, Tasmanian seaweed and fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is a natural component of humus that helps plants absorb nutrients. Harvest provides natural plant nutrients, trace elements and seven growth stimulants. Will help increase growth, improve flowering and fruiting and will assist in creating healthy soil. Ideal for vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers and general garden use.

How to use:

Simply attach the hose to the bottle and apply water at an even pressure. Each container is suitable to cover an area of 120 metres square.


(N:P:K) 3.5: 0.6: 0.7 Plus: Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Iron, Copper, Zinc and natural wetting agent.

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