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We have been passionate about teaching families how to grow their own veggies at home and making that as easy as possible. The biggest problem that you will face is pests attacking the plants and eating the crops. This happen to our farmers as well and they resort to using chemical sprays to control them and produce perfect looking vegetables that we are are accustomed to seeing in the supermarkets. If they didnt spray, and their crop had blemishes, the produce would never get past the scrutiny of the big supermarket buyers. They know that shoppers are fussy and will always choose a vegetable or fruit without blemish over another that does have a mark or two. 

Most people who are deciding to grow at home have become aware of the heavy pesticide usage on our farms and desire to grow at home using organic methods so they know their food is 100% safe to eat. 

We have been working on an effective solution that solves all the pest issues in one hit without using any sprays and that is why the PestFree Maxi Cover was created. 

It has taken 12 months of developing and testing to make sure that it actually works before we made it available in our store. The good news is that they work brilliantly and the difference it makes is quite remarkable. When you lift the PestFree Maxi Cover off, underneath are perfectly growing veggies without any leaves eaten. It is like looking at a gardening book with photos of 'perfect' crops growing that always seem to elude the average gardener. 

The PestFree Maxi Cover is a 1 meter cube that can be placed over your growing crop and easily lifted off when its time to harvest. No clips to remove. Just lift the whole cube or tilt it away from you to access your healthy, organic veggies. 


  • Makes it super easy to grow veggies pest free. No sprays. No stress on the plant from being attacked. 
  • Easy to harvest, just lift the whole frame off by yourself. 
  • Greatly reduces the need for weeding since no seeds can land in the soil. 
  • UV stable PVC pipe and joiners for permanent outdoor usage. 
  • 1mm hole UV stable Fibreglass mesh that stops just about any pests
  • Easy to assemble in 10 minutes with only a hammer required
  • Can be dismantled for storage when not needed
  • Looks a lot more stylish than using white veggie net and makeshift frames
  • The Insect mesh cover* will last about 3-5 years and can be replaced without needing to buy a new frame. 
  • Measures 1m wide x 1m deep and 1m tall making it large enough for most veggie crops 
  • Pipe can be easily cut down for narrow beds or extended for wider, using the parts list below.  

To watch a video of how to put the frames together CLICK HERE

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PestFree Parts Available:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Pestfree Maxi Covers

What is the frame made of?

Black, UV stable PVC pipe. It is similar to the pipe used by plumbers which is always white. The heavy duty black pipe we use in these frames is 50% thicker than regular plumbing pipe, providing a lot more strength. 

Can these be permanently used outdoors

Yes, that is the idea, although you might swap them between beds when you have veggies that are prone to pest attack.

All the materials used are UV stable for full Australian sun. The frame will last many years,the mesh approximately 3-5 years and then can be easily replaced without having to purchase a new frame. 

What if my beds arent 1x1m?

We have gone for a maximum size of 1m cube to make it easy to lift on and off the beds. Larger than that and it may need 2 people to handle. 

If your bed is narrower than 1m you can simply cut the pipe to size with a regular hand saw or this Pipe Cutting Tool

Each of the fittings ads 25mm to the end of the pipe so take 50mm off the measurement you need. Eg. if your bed is 900mm wide, cut the pipe down to 850mm then when you add the fittings back on it will equal 900mm

For beds larger than 1m, consider using multiple frames to make up the space. There are also matching joiners and 4 way elbows available for extending the frames. 

Do I need to peg this down?

There are a couple of methods we have been trialing. Overall the 1m cube with net, weighs 4kg and when positioned in a protected spot it stays put.

In our more open veggie patch when unsecured they did move on a very windy day.

To solve this on our raised timber beds we used one of the fabric fastening clips inverted and screwed onto the timber of the bed. Then the whole frame just pushes down and clips in. One clip on 2 parallel sides was enough to stop them moving in strong wind. Because the mesh covering allows some of the wind to pass through it did not need much help to keep it fastened.

If you dont have a timber edge on your bed, hammer some short fat hardwood stakes (300mmx50mmx50mm) into the ground to be level with the soil. Screw an inverted clip to the top of the stake and clip the frame on as above. One stake and clip on 2 parallel sides should be enough but you can always add a couple more if it's a coastal windy area. 

If you only have light winds, another idea we have tested is filling the frame with water when assembling. The joints when hammered together are watertight. This added some extra weight to stop them moving.

What will PestFree Cover stop? 

White cabbage moth, snails/slugs, aphids, flies, possums, birds, kangaroos etc. The mesh holes are only 1mm wide so there is not much that can get through.

You do however need to be diligent to not leave the gate open. If you have the frame on uneven ground, there is a possibility of insects crawling under, particularly snails. It may require adjusting your beds a little when you first set them up but you will find the difference it makes in being able to grow perfect organic veggies without any stress is very much worth the initial effort. 

Will this stop rats? 

Rats seem to be able to chew through a lot of materials so I think they could get in if hungry enough. We will continue testing and also look into finding a fabric that they can’t chew through. 

If you do have a rat chew a hole in the net, there are flyscreen repair patches available at your local hardware store that you can stick over the hole. We have been testing them on ours and the glue seems to be holding even when exposed to the weather. 

How easy is this to put together?

Very simple and that is why we are so excited about this product. All you need is a hammer or a rubber mallet to bang it all together. It takes about 10 minutes to fully assemble with the net. 

Watch the assemble video at this LINK

If you need to cut the pipe because your bed is narrow, use a handsaw or get this pipe cutter tool

Why is there excess net? Why isn’t it cut to size?

Initially we have had to use multiple suppliers of the net. Some send it as rolls, others as precut pieces. 

We will provide you with enough net to cover the frames no problem. If you have excess, just trim it off with a pair of scissors. It doesnt fray so giving it a trim will be fine.

If I cover the veggies, how will the bees get access?

At this stage we haven’t been able to create a door for the bees but not for the bugs… if you do let us know!

The truth is that most veggies don’t need bees to produce a crop. The bees job is to take pollen from one flower to another which fertilises the plant so that it can produce a fruit.

Fruiting veggies are things like Capsicum, Eggplant, Pumpkin, Zucchini, Tomato, Cucumber and so on. So these plants DO need pollination to happen and bees are the easiest way to achieve that.

Everything else that doesn’t produce a fruit doesn’t need pollination so can be covered all the time.

For those fruiting plants they only need access to bees when they are flowering so they can be covered at times when not in flower.

One of the biggest pests in fruiting veggies is possums! They love to come and eat the fruit. So covering them over at night time will solve this.

Also many backyard veggie growers do their own pollinating. For example, with tomatoes you just need to gently shake the plant to disturb the pollen and have it land on other flowers.

We love bees and have 7 hives on our property. They have access to thousands of flowers on ornamental plants so we are not too worried about blocking their access to some of the veggies.

Of course if you are wanting to produce seed to grow your next seasons crop, you can take the cover off and let the plant flower and go to seed. Pests are not generally a problem though if you are doing this. 

Can I buy extension pieces of pipe and fittings

Yes we have just added spare parts for the PestFree Range. 

Can I attach shadecloth to the frame?

Yes the clips are very strong and will certainly allow shadecloth to be attached to the pvc frame.

The insect mesh does also provide a small amount of shade. 

I already have bugs on my established veggies. Will this frame help?

First you will need to remove the bugs or treat them with a spray. There are organic options available if you wish to keep everything organic like we do.

Initially you may find there is still a snail inside the frame, look for damage on the leaves and remove the uninvited guest.

Eventually you will see that the plants are growing strong with no insect damage.

In future crops set the PestFree Covers up as soon as you plant the seedlings in your beds. 

Can these be collapsed back down when not in use?

Yes, you can remove all the clips and fabric and use a hammer to tap the corner pieces off the pipe. They are a very snug fit though so they don’t come apart just by hand.

This means if you need to move house you can take the PestFree Covers with you. 

Why did you make them black?

Prior to this we were using white veggie net and galvanised metal tube frames which required DIY skills with power tools.

Whilst effective, they did look a bit ugly as we looked over our veggie patch.

The black frames and dark net look a lot more stylish and don’t stand out like the white ones did, plus you can clearly see through them to see your veggies growing.

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