PestFree Parts: Black PVC Pipe

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This is the same pipe used in the Pest Free Cover Kits.

It comes in 2 lengths 
950mm (when you add a corner fitting to each end it adds up to 1m long)
Used in the PestFree Maxi covers for both vertical and horizontal pipes. It is also used as the vertical pipes in the PestFree Mini Covers. 

600mm (when you add corner fittings is 750mm long)
This is used in the Pest Free Mini for the horizontal pipes. Ideal for protecting the Black Geofelt planters which are 550mm wide. 

This pipe is 50% thicker than regular (white) plumbing pipe which gives it a lot more strength. It is still compatible  though with DN15 fittings as the outer dimension is the same at 20mm. 

This black pvc pipe is UV stable for many years of use outdoors and can be easily cut with a hand saw or using the PVC Pipe Cutting tool we sell which is very easy for anyone to use.

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