Aussie Gardener Black GeoFelt Veggie Growing Planter with Handles 550mmx400mm

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Want to grow some veggies but live in a rental or only  have balcony space?
These Aussie Gardener Felt Veggie Planters are perfect. 

Easy to move about and built really tough to last for several years of use, now everyone can have a go at growing veggies. 

We designed these with a few great features.
-Handles on either side so they can be moved about (2 person lift)

-Double Stitching with UV stable thread on all seams so they wont fall apart.

-Excess water freely drains through the geotech felt but doesn't let soil escape. (Great for balconies)

-400mm Deep planter to allow plenty of room for roots to grow and easy to care for. 

There are cheap versions of these around but they are only going to fall apart and lead to frustration and more landfill. These are beautifully made to last and perfect for growing veggies (or other plants) 

As a guide, you will need 4 bags of soil (25L) to fill these. Don't skimp on the soil with cheap stuff as it is usually only fine woodchip compost. Better to get a soil mix labelled for veggies as it will have nutrients already added. 

If you are buying a few, get a load of soil delivered from your local soil yard. Ask for their vegetable mix. You will need 100L per bag. They can work that out. 


How many litres do they hold?

100Litres of soil. So that is about 4 bags of potting mix in the most common 25L size. 

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