Aussie Gardener Black GeoFelt Veggie Growing Planter with Handles 550mmx400mm

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Want to grow some veggies but live in a rental or only  have balcony space?
These Aussie Gardener Felt Veggie Planters are perfect. 

Easy to move about and built really tough to last for several years of use, now everyone can have a go at growing veggies. 

We designed these with a few great features.

  • Handles on either side so they can be moved about (2 person lift)
  • Double Stitching with UV stable thread on all seams so they wont fall apart.
  • Excess water freely drains through the geotech felt but doesn't let soil escape. (Great for balconies)
  • 400mm Deep planter to allow plenty of room for roots to grow and easy to care for. 

There are cheap versions of these around but they are only going to fall apart and lead to frustration and more landfill. These are beautifully made to last and perfect for growing veggies (or other plants) 

As a guide, you will need 4 bags of potting mix (25L) to fill these. The total required per black planter is 100Litres. Don't skimp on the soil with cheap stuff as it is usually only fine woodchip compost. Better to get a potting mix labelled for veggies as it will have nutrients already added. 

If you are buying a few, get a load of potting mix delivered from your local soil yard. You will need 100L per bag. They can work that out. 

NOTE: Use Potting mix, not heavy soil from your garden or soil yard which often contains sand. The handles on these planters are designed to carry the weight of potting mix only which is lighter than garden soil. This will also make them easier to lift and move if needed. When lifting, use a smooth action rather than a quick jerk. 
If you have used heavy garden soil, use a trolley to move them around rather than lifting by the handles. 


Frequently Asked Questions about the Black Geofelt Planters

What are the bags made of?

Geotech Felt which is UV stable. This is the same type of fabric they use under roads and for drainage. Very tough and lasts for a number of years. Please note we have had these custom made with extra thick geotech felt so that they last really well as part of our ‘no junk’ policy.
Just to clear up any confusion, although these are called felt, it is not the same as crafting felt which would not last outdoors. 

Geotech felt is made from PET which is foodsafe and can be placed in the recycle bin when it reaches end of life after several years. 

Do they have drainage holes?

No, the great thing about geotech felt is that water can move through it slowly. So any excess water not absorbed by the soil will drain out the bottom but no soil will leak out. 

Can these be placed on concrete?

Yes they are ideal for placing on concrete, like a balcony. 

How often should I water?

This depends on your area, the weather and so on.
Try and keep the soil damp but not soaking wet.
If you want to minimise watering, click this LINK to see how to convert these planters into wicking beds.  

Can I use these planter planter bags again next year?

Yes. That is the idea. With a bit of care, you will have these bags for many years and they will produce an abundant harvest. 

Would these be suitable for dwarf citrus?

Yes, absolutely perfect for those. The trees will be very happy because there is a large enough amount of soil for the plant to get their roots spread. 

Are these easy to move around?

Yes, a two person lift with the sturdy handles on either side. If you want to move it a longer distance, use a trolley to make it easier. 

Could I grow potatoes in these?

Yes these are excellent for growing potatoes. Fill with soil to ¼. Plant 3 potato pieces that are starting to sprout. Once the leaves reach the top of the bag, fill it with more soil up to the top so that just the top 2 leaves on each plant are showing. (bury 95% of the plant)
It will continue growing taller and the potatoes will be hiding beneath the soil. Easiest method is to wait till the plant dies back and then tip it all out to reveal LOTS of delicious spuds! 

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