Power Planter 428THD

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100mm (w) x 700mm (l)
4inches x 28inches

This is the new design by Power Planter for commercial use. 
One of the challenges with the other (non THD) models is that the hex end that goes into the drill can get damaged if the operator hasnt tightened the chuck well on the drill. It ends up spinning in the chuck and stripping the head. 

The solution was to make that end piece replaceable by changing the design around. 

Other improvements were also made to add a pilot auger to the tip to help penetrate really tough ground as well has replaceable hardened tip blades. 

So what you end up with is the main auger you can keep using for years and just replace the parts that wear down. 

There is a fair bit more work involved in making these units so the price is higher, but the cost savings over the space of a year well and trully make up for it. 

We recommend using the Dewalt 54V joist drill to run these. (An 18v drill is now powerful enough for these larger Power Planters)

NOTE: We don't generally recommend this size Power Planter for home garden use. This is a professional grade auger used by Landscapers and does require a higher spec Drill and previous knowledge with power tools. 
For DIY home garden Power Planters, please see the Home Gardener Range at this link

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